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Advantage of using automatic pipe cutting machines


The automatic pipe cutting machine uses the gear differential feed principle to realize the longitudinal feed of the tool on the high-speed rotating cutter head, so as to realize the new concept of steel pipe clamping and rotary cutting. It effectively solves the problems of high energy consumption, machine jitter, low cutting efficiency, short tool life, low operation rate, poor quality of steel pipe end face and can not be measured.

Automatic pipe cutting machine use advantages

1. Smooth incision, size and quality are guaranteed.

2, the efficiency is greatly improved, before 10 minutes to cut a pipe, now 1 minute to cut a pipe, the efficiency is increased by 10 times.

3, before cutting all rely on human pressure, cutting up very laborious, now change to lead screw drive to greatly reduce the labor intensity.

4, consumption is also reduced, in the past cutting due to the static steel pipe, resin grinding wheel and steel pipe contact area is large, speed.

And fast, the grinding wheel blade is easy to break off and fly out to hurt people, a grinding wheel blade cut more than 10 tubes must be replaced, improved use of pipe knife, the pipe and the blade relative rolling extrusion, small contact area, a pipe knife can cut less than 100 tubes.