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Advantage of using automatic pipe cutting machines

The automatic pipe cutting machine uses the gear differential feed principle to realize the longitudinal feed of the tool on the high-speed rotating cutter head, so as to realize the new concept of steel pipe clamping and rotary cutting. It effectively solves the problems of high energy consumption, machine jitter, low cutting efficiency, short...



Intelligent Pipeline Warehouses Are Being Produced

Many large warehouses for pipe and long metal products are more than 300,000 square feet, with 2,000 to 3,000 product numbers, or stock-keeping units (SKUs), and more than five miles of shelving and thousands of bin locations. This represents a daunting task for personnel involved with putting materials into storage locations and for those engag...



Top 10 most overlooked problems in welding (2)

Multilayer welding is performed discontinuously without paying attention to controlling the temperature between layers When the thick plate is welded with multiple layers, the temperature control between layers is not paid attention to. If the interval between layers is too long, the welding is easy to produce cold cracks between layers withou...



Top 10 most overlooked problems in welding(1)

Not paying attention to selecting the optimal voltage When welding, the same arc voltage is selected regardless of the base, filling, and cover surface, and regardless of the size of the groove. This may not reach the required depth, width, bite edge, porosity, splash, and other defects. In general, according to different conditions, the corre...



Intelligent production line — Qianshan Piping milestone product display

June 16th — June 19th, the international Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition was held in Shanghai as scheduled. It has attracted tens of thousands of welding industry dealers, agents, research institutions, government departments, management and procurement departments, and other professionals to visit. Qianshan Piping as a pipeli...