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Pipe Automatic Welding Machine

The pipe automatic welding offers good driving reliability. However, driven by frictional force, it is required to set essential balance weight to offset large bending moments caused by elbows for large diameter pipe, or providing a chain tensioner to improve the reliability of the driving.


The pipe automatic welding machine offers excellent welding capacity (250-350 inches/day, which is four times higher than manual welding).
The machine is easy to operate.
The pipe automatic welding machine offers excellent surface finishing.
It offers a welding qualification rate: (without re-working for the skilled operator).

Technical Parameters:

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN50-400 (φ60-426)/DN50~600(φ60~610)/DN200-800(φ219-813)
Pipe Wall Thickness Applicable: 3~30MM
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and cryogenic steel
Welding Line Applicable: Various butt welding lines of spool pieces such as pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipe-flange, flange-flange, and flange-elbow, etc. (a fake pipe transition connection shall be applied if necessary)
Driving System: Driven by two-line rubber roller and reducer
Clamping System: The clamping arm moves up and down electrically and clamps by screw manually
Bracket System: Separate type of trolley matching for welding equipment which may be adjusted along the track according to the length of the pipe
Counterweight System: No counterweight
Speed Regulation Model: VF step-less speed control system
Adjustment Mode: Electric cross regulator
Oscillating System: A product of our patented technology
Control System: A product of our patented technology, PLC control
Welding Procedure: FCAW/GMAW/SAWGTAW (can do root pass, filling, and final welding)
Welding Power: OEM products in China or as per customers’ demands


The pipe automatic welding machine offers extremely broad use for the pipe and cover welding of various structures in various industries.

After-Sale Service Commitment

After-Sale Service Guideline: ” Worry what users worry, think what users think ”
Within/beyond the warranty period, when the equipment gets out of order or is damaged, the company will provide technical consulting services without or with a charge. For customer advisory, the company will supply responses on the phone within 4 hours and written replies within 8 hours. If the customer requires, within 24 hours (within the distance of 800 KM) or within 48 hours (above 800 KM), the company will dispatch experienced engineering technical personnel to the customer site to analyze and guide maintenance. They will not leave until the fault is cleaned and the customer is satisfied.

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