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Numerical Control Pipe End Beveling Machine

Numerical Control Pipe End Beveling Machine: Synchronously top & bottom centering clamp with hydraulic motor and screw rod; radial differential feed, motorized discharge or feed/discharge controlled by the axial common motor; Preset parameters through PLC touch screen; PLC or CNC Control; special CNC Tool holder; standard numerical control-blade without coolant; Bevel shape: V, double V, and U; Applicable for the radial or axial beveling of STD wall pipes and radial beveling of thick-wall pipes.


The numerical control pipe end beveling machine offers good on-line performance (designed as per the online equipment of the production line).
It offers a beveling speed of ≤5Min /pipe bevel (DN200 SCH40).
It offers bevel cutting of cutting a pipe with other equipment such as a band saw and then machining each bevel.
The bevel quality of the numerical control pipe end beveling machine is very good.

Technical Parameters:

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200/DN1500
Pipe Wall Thickness Applicable: 4-90mm; 6-180MM
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and cryogenic steel, etc.
Bevel Shape: U, X, V, and double V
Cutting Direction: Radial automatic differential cutting feed or axial semi-automatic motor cutting feed (inlet frequency); radial NC motor cutting feed or axial NC motor cutting feed
Retracting Direction: Radial automatic motor retracting or axial automatic motor retracting (inlet frequency); radial NC motor retracting or axial NC motor retracting
Driven by: Motor
Clamping System: Workpiece is clamped by hydraulic cylinder and centering automatically
Bracket System: Screw lifting adjustable
Rev of the Principal Axis: Stepless speed control and variable frequency
Axial Displacement: 80mm(principal axis) 100mm(machine head); 150mm(principal axis), 300mm (machine head)
Bevel Angle of Tool Rest: 0°~45°
Widthwise Displacement: ±50MM; ±100MM
Control System: PLC Controlling; CNC Controlling
Automatic Aligning: At the end of the beveling machine conveying system it can be equipped with a lifting device if necessary to automatically adjust the center elevation of the pipe to bevel pipes with different diameters
Conveying System: End beveling VF conveying systems driven by the motor is equipped at the front and rear sides of the beveling machine if necessary.


The numerical control pipe end beveling machine is used for machining the U or V shape bevels for several pipes with heavy wall thickness.

After-Sale Service Commitment:

After-Sale Service Guideline: ” Worry what users worry, think what users think ”
Within/beyond the warranty period, when the equipment gets out of order or is damaged, the company will provide technical consulting services without or with a charge. For customer advisory, the company will supply responses on the phone within 4 hours and written replies within 8 hours. If the customer requires, within 24 hours (within the distance of 800 KM) or within 48 hours (above 800 KM), the company will dispatch experienced engineering technical personnel to the customer site to analyze and guide maintenance. They will not leave until the fault is cleaned and the customer is satisfied.

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