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High Speed Pipe Cutting Band Saw Machine

High-Speed Pipe Cutting Band Saw Machine has rear-mounted single pair clamp system; two-side centering with hydraulic clamping; built-in V-type roller centering conveying; VF step-less cutting speed control system; Auto cutting of single section of pipe after aligned with laseSSr.


1The high-speed pipe cutting band saw machine offers good on-line performance (designed as per the one-line equipment of the production line).
2The cutting efficiency is ≤2Min /one pipeline bevel (DN200 SCH40).
3The high-speed pipe cutting band saw machine has good opening quality…

Technical Parameters

Structure: Horizontal and with two columns, made special roller
Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200/DN1500
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and cryogenic steel
Feeding Speed: Stepless speed adjustment
Clamping Mode: Both sides centering clamping automatically by hydraulic cylinder
Band Saw Tension: Tensioning and loosen automatically by hydraulic
Cooling System: Built-in coolant pump
Speed of the Band Saw: 18, 42 or 68 m/min/27, 52 or 78 m/min/15-80m/min
Size of the Band Saw: 4570X*34*1.1/6700X*41*1.3/8880*67*1.6
Dimension of Machine: 2300*1200*1650mm; 3600*1450*2100mm; 4550*1950*2600mm
Weight of Machine: 1500KGS; 5000KGS; 9000KGS (±5%)
Length-Measuring System: A mechanical length-measuring system can be provided if necessary to fix the length of the pipes as well as cut and bevel them with the supporting of the band saw conveying system
Conveying System: Cutting and beveling VF band systems driven by the motor are equipped if necessary


The high-speed pipe cutting band saw machine is used for projects with a majority of standard wall thickness and heavy wall thickness.

After-Sale Service Commitment

After-Sale Service Guideline: ” Worry what users worry, think what users think ”
Within/beyond the warranty period, when the equipment gets out of order or is damaged, the company will provide technical consulting services without or with a charge. For customer advisory, the company will supply responses on the phone within 4 hours and written replies within 8 hours. If the customer requires, within 24 hours (within the distance of 800 KM) or within 48 hours (above 800 KM), the company will dispatch experienced engineering technical personnel to the customer site to analyze and guide maintenance. They will not leave until the fault is cleaned and the customer is satisfied.

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