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Automatic Piping Welding Workstation

The basic configuration of the automatic piping welding workstation consists of the one piece of 6m container made with special retrofit, two sets of piping prefabrication automatic welding machine/piping cantilever automatic welding machine/automatic portable piping welding machine/automatic piping welding machine, two sets rail and trolley conveying system, two sets of piping cantilever cranes (option) and two fcaw welding source/fcaw welding machines/fcaw welding machines/saw welding machines.


The production efficiency of the automatic piping welding workstation is 450~650 O.D-Inch per day (DN200 SCH40).
It offers excellent equipment mobility (without limitation of radiation radius when using container as carrier).
Specialized field workstation; High fitting-up & welding efficiency, good quality; Suitable for fitting–up & auto-welding all kinds of spool pieces. Equipped with: one specially retrofitted 6M container + one Pipe Fast Fitting-up Machine/Pipe Fabrication Mechanical Fitting-up center + one Set of Split Pipe Automatic Welding Machine.

Technical Parameters:

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600
Pipe Wall Thickness Applicable: 3-20/3-20/3-20/10-60MM
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and cryogenic steel
Welds Applicable: Various butt welds for pipe spools such as pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipe flange, flange-flange, and flange-elbow, etc.
Welding Procedure: FCAW/FCAW/FCAW/SAW (Option or as per request)
Welding Power: NBC-500/NBC-500/NBC-500/MZ-630 (Option or as per request)


The automatic piping welding workstation is used for projects with a majority of standard wall thickness pipes and few heavy wall thickness pipes or projects with a majority of heavy wall thickness pipes and few standard wall thickness pipes (PAWWS-24Ad).

After-Sale Service Commitment:

After-Sale Service Guideline: ” Worry what users worry, think what users think ”
Within/beyond the warranty period, when the equipment gets out of order or is damaged, the company will provide technical consulting services without or with a charge. For customer advisory, the company will supply responses on the phone within 4 hours and written replies within 8 hours. If the customer requires, within 24 hours (within the distance of 800 KM) or within 48 hours (above 800 KM), the company will dispatch experienced engineering technical personnel to the customer site to analyze and guide maintenance. They will not leave until the fault is cleaned and the customer is satisfied.

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