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Corporation Profile:

Qianshan Piping Technology Company Ltd. is a pipe prefabrication equipment manufacturer in China. Our wide range of products includes a pipe fabrication production line, pipe cutting, and beveling workstation, pipe fabrication welding equipment, CNC pipe profile cutting machine, high-speed cutting and beveling machine, pipe automatic conveying system, and more. Our high precision equipment is made possible by highly skilled and dedicated staff and strict quality management practices that adhere to the CE and ISO9001 quality management system.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the largest industrial city in China, we have enjoyed years of steady growth in the industry. Our three main bases of operation are our R&D sales, service, and management base (the Shanghai Songjiang Headquarters), an equipment production base (the Shanghai Maogang Factory), and the pipe prefabrication base (the Jiangsu Huaian Factory). These three bases have allowed us to expand as a company and further develop innovative solutions for our clients. Over the years, we have developed the first pipe prefabrication production line in China, the first pipe prefabrication fast fitting-up machine, the first pipe prefabrication service project, and the first on-site prefabrication service. Qianshan possesses more than one hundred proprietary technology and product patents, including patents on our pipe fabrication workstation, our pipe fabrication welding equipment, and our conveying equipment.
Whether it is our trusted and dependable established equipment or our new and innovative products, each piece is developed and produced with great effort and care.

We not only endeavor for economic success, but we also possess a sense of social responsibility. We work diligently to improve employee welfare as well as the welfare of the area, making large tax contributions to our local community. Innovative products, greater value for our clients, and social responsibility are at the core of our values at Qianshan.

Corporation Advantage:

Qianshan has a group of experts with abundant practical experience who have researched and created the first domestic modern fixed-type pipe prefabrication production line and the first domestic advanced movable-type pipe prefabrication production line.
Qianshan has more than one hundred proprietary technologies and product patents, all involving the main process equipment of the pipe prefabrication production line, such as pipe prefab work station, beveling equipment, fit-up equipment, auto welding equipment, and conveying equipment. The provided pipe prefabrication production line has completely independent intellectual property rights.
The pipe prefabrication production line of Qianshan has been widely used in various industries, especially Chemical Engineering, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Onshore & Offshore, and Oil & Gas system. The complete set of pipe prefabrication production lines has been gradually confirmed, matured, and is reliable, making it the most widely used pipe prefabrication production line at home and abroad.
The main equipment of the pipe prefabrication production line of Qianshan passes the CE certificate of the European community and verification certificate of the domestic professional institute.
Qianshan is the only domestic manufacturer that can provide detailed design software combined with pipe prefabrication procedure at the same time. Using the detail design software can draw or generate ISO drawing needed by pipe installation and isometric drawing needed by pipe prefabrication.

Qianshan is the only domestic manufacturer that can provide the process management software combining with pipe prefabrication production line hardware equipment at the same time. Using the process management software can implement the computerized management of the pipe prefabrication process.

Qianshan is the only domestic manufacturer that can offer the pipe prefabrication equipment of commercialized pipe prefabrication service for the public at the same time. It has a fixed-type pipe prefabrication factory and a set of movable-type pipe prefabrication production lines. At present, it is carrying out the commercialized pipe prefabrication service for the Sichuan petrifaction item of CNPC.

Qianshan is the only domestic pipe prefabrication equipment manufacturer proposing and developing production operation service (Ensure to Running Service).

Qianshan is the only domestic pipe prefabrication equipment manufacturer that can provide the Pipe Prefabrication Working Procedure.

Qianshan depends on the experience of pipe fabrication equipment’s R & D, manufacturing, and pipe fabrication engineering service, following its after-sales service guideline of “Worry What Users Worry, Think What Users Think”, carrying on service works duly and efficiently based on service offices in China, Southeast India, the Middle East, etc.

Enterprise Culture:

Mission: Realize commercialization and informatization of pipe prefabrication!
Our Vision: A pipe prefabrication equipment manufacturer with the best innovation ability, a pipe prefabrication software and service provider with the best competitive power!
The most innovative manufacturer for pipe prefabrication equipment; the most competitive supplier for pipe prefabrication software and service!
Our Position: Manufacture pipe prefabrication equipment, provide pipe prefabrication software and service.
Our Core Value: Continuous innovation and satisfying users.
Our Brand Slogan: Qianshan Piping, Special Pipe
Our After-Service Idea: Worry what users worry, think what users think.
Enterprise Spirit: The love of country, career, and life is the source of our cohesive force. Responsibility consciousness, creative spirit, professional ethics, and teamwork spirit are the marrow of our entrepreneurial culture. Honesty is our behavioral standard.
Social Responsibility: Qianshan regards servicing the country with industry and rejuvenating it through science and education as its duty, and makes contributions to its local community with its development. Qianshan’s staff makes unremitting endeavors to enhance their happiness and the happiness of their family.
Quality Objective: Our objective is to satisfy the increasing needs of customers with excellent products, reliable quality, competitive cost performance, and efficient service. Quality is our pride.
Core Technology: We have been absorbing the latest research results in various fields extensively, modestly learning from excellent enterprises at home and abroad, and developing a core technical system in leading techniques with an open mind and wide cooperation, without losing our initiative and independence, to rank our product first place in the industry.
Intellectual Property: Our main purpose is to develop a leading pipeline prefabrication technology support system of industry, with proprietary intellectual property. For our protection, we apply for patents on a timely basis and cope with copyright infringers with legal means when necessary. We must have “what others have not” and “what we have better” to establish ourselves in an invincible position.
Company Treasure (Wealth): Qianshan’s greatest treasure is our hardworking and effective staff. Respect for work, knowledge, and individuality form the inner demands of our sustainable growth.
Value Creation: We regard working, knowledge, entrepreneurship, and capital as the source of the company’s whole value.
Benefit Sharing: Qianshan advocates forming a beneficial community among customers, employees, and collaborators.
Employee Position: The employee in Qianshan is an equal personality, regardless of rank. The basic principles of managing human resources are justness, justice, and openness.
Human Resources: Qianshan’s sustainable growth is based on organizational and cultural construction fundamentally. The basic aim of managing human resources is to build a high-quality, sublime spirit and high unity team, and to create a self-motivated, self-disciplined, excellent employee promoting mechanism, to provide a guarantee for the company’s rapid growth and efficient operation.
Talent Strategies: We try our best to improve employee welfare, to build a broad platform for an employee’s individual development, to develop every employee’s intelligence and wisdom to the maximum limit.

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